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Opened: 1989
Headquarters: Redmond, WA
US Work: 95%
Portfolio: 20x20s and Smaller: 5%; 20x20s to 50x50s: 40%; Bigger than 50x50s: 55%
Fabrication Space: 51k
Storage Space: 51k
Rental: Yes
Clients: Microsoft, Best Buy, PACCAR, Momentum Worldwide, Pokémon
RFP Name: Thomas W. Hutchinson
RFP Email:

With new hires in engineering, graphic design and project management, finalizing its off-site backup and upgraded desktops, ImagiCorps’ focus last year was on “excellence in execution.” The investment paid off in projects such as the PACCAR Parts Visitor Center, where a front-projected 3D painted map displayed dynamic and updatable content, and American Express Blue Friday for the Seattle Seahawks, which transformed a 200-foot barge on Seattle’s waterfront into a world-class hospitality lounge.


FAB 2016_ImagiCorps


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