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Group Delphi

Opened: 1989
Headquarters: Alameda, CA
US Work: 90%
Portfolio: 20x20s and Smaller: 25%; 20x20s to 50x50s: 50%; Bigger than 50x50s: 25%
Fabrication Space: 120k
Storage Space: 240k
Rental: Yes
Clients: VMware, Medtronic, Pixar, SAP Success Factors, Microsoft
RFP Name: Brett Powell
RFP Email:

Delphi continues to churn out exhibits for trade shows, museums, pop-ups and retail. The waterfront headquarters in Alameda, CA, gets all the buzz, but the state-of-the-art 200,000-square-foot production facility in Indiana provides an efficient backbone for the organization. Some of our favorite projects include the exhibits for VMware and SAP Success Factors (the latter a 2016 Ex Award finalist). Converted its HR Department into a “Culture Department.”


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