George P. Johnson - Event Marketer

George P. Johnson

Opened: 1914
Headquarters: Auburn Hills, MI
US Work: 75%
Portfolio: 20x20s and Smaller: 10%; 20x20s to 50x50s: 20%; Bigger than 50x50s: 70%
Fabrication Space: 700k
Storage Space: 475k
Rental: Yes
Clients: IBM, Cisco, Salesforce, Toyota, Under Armour
RFP Name: Scott Kellner
RFP Email:

While Big G is well known for big custom footprints, the company is less known for its refurbishment services, leased inventories and rental offerings. Also maintains a modular (and economical) Branded Architecture system that can be adapted to a variety of configurations. The 13 creative studios peppered throughout the planet are locally anchored and globally connected—allowing clients to tap into some of the industry’s best and brightest at a moment’s notice.


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