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Daimler Centers its Trade Show Booth Around ‘Time’

DB_Daimler_Trade Show_EX 2017
Year: 2017

In logistics and transportation, every second counts. To demonstrate that it understands this pain point, and that it has developed multiple solutions to ameliorate the issue, Daimler at the IAA show made “time” the center of its booth—literally. The clock-dial layout and architecture brought to life Daimler’s “Ahead of Time” messaging and helped the brand highlight time-saving intelligent vehicle connectivity and other innovations of its fleet. At a show with big, impressive vehicles, where scale is the dominating feature, Daimler stood out with a visual story.

The time motif also served Daimler strategically, as it needed to engage different target groups and highlight different vehicle categories within the same footprint. Within the layout that resembled a clock, the “hands” of the clock formed wide traveling lanes that led the way to the product areas for Mercedes-Benz vans, truck and buses. A suspended LED media ring with a circumference of 951 feet and a diameter of 295 feet helped further transform the space into the clock dial, displaying different visuals and atmospheres. Two presentation stages, located at 9 and 12 o’clock, provided the “pulse” of the environment—key product reveals were announced via a towering LED Wall that acted like a gigantic chronometer.

At various touchpoints throughout the space, customers experienced how time efficiency planning and vehicle diagnostics come to life. Multiple moderators manned these interactive exhibits, offering 1:1 dialogue about the highlights. There were unmanned exhibits, as well, with touch screens and transculent screens, including a Mercedes-Benz Future Bus activation with a build that resembled a modern bus depot. Large pictures of impressive vans and trucks evoking emotion and the “always on the road” messaging, completed the experience.

While the design of the space helped tell a brand story, it strategically divided a space that may have otherwise left attendees feeling overwhelmed, or searching for information relevant to them. And with so much information to take in, the soft, modern lounge spaces placed near information displays certainly encouraged visitors to linger just a bit longer.

Overall, the space housed 65 vehicles and more than 30 exhibits. And despite the massive, multi-brand presence, Daimler was able to weave through a theme that supported the vehicles individually as well as the overarching brand message. The IAA attracts about 250,000 attendees each year. We think many of those made the time to stop at Daimler.

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