Civic Entertainment Group

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Civic Entertainment Group

CORE 1: Grassroots events

CORE 2: Municipal events

CORE 3: B-to-B special events/proprietary events/user groups


REVENUE SPLIT: 70% B-to-C 30% B-to-B

CLIENT SPLIT: 90% Brands 10% Agencies

CLIENTS INCLUDE: A&E City of Philadelphia The History Channel MBNA Showtime Networks


OPENED: 1999

BASED: New York City


PHONE: 212-426-7006


RFP CONTACT: David Cohn 212-426-7006 <A href="javascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto(' 


WE SAY: Started by refugees from NYC’s marketing and special events division CEG’s known for its municipal marketing expertise particularly creating media-friendly events in public spaces. Staged a stunt with Criss Angel in Manhattan’s Bryant Park to promote the illusionist’s new show on A&E supporting with street teams across the country and a week of events in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Also created Experience Life’s Rewards—hitting affinity partners with top chefs concierge service and a sweeps—to help MBNA launch a new American Express card.

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